UXmood - A tool to investigate the user experience (UX) based on multimodal Sentiment analysis and information visualization (InfoVis)

Evaluating User Experience (UX) is not a trivial task, and UX specialists have used a variety of tools to analyze data collected from user tests, which causes difficulty in synchronizing the data. This paper presents UXmood, a tool that condenses multiple distinct data types (audio, video, text, and eye-tracking) in a dashboard of coordinated visualizations to ease the analysis process and allow to manage several projects where each project has several logs of user interaction. The tool replays sessions of tests and uses a combination of different sentiment analysis techniques to present a suggestion of user sentiment at any given time during the tasks. The visualizations support brushing and details-on-demand interactions and are synchronized with a temporal slider, allowing analysts to see specific moments of the tests freely. Also, the uses of the sentiment analysis in the collected data may improved the qualitative analysis of UX.